Recurring Payments

Accept automatic regular payments with our payment solutions. This is a safer and cheaper alternative to Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

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    Recurring payments are the perfect choice for:

    Fitness Clubs

    Utility Companies


    Our recurring payments solutions enable the merchant to accept payments on a regular basis. This is a cheaper alternative to Direct Debit and is safer than standing orders. Businesses that will benefit from this solution include subscription companies, charities, landlords and estate agents. Our recurring payments solutions work via a web-based virtual terminal.

    Recurring payment features

    Recurring payments allow payment for goods and services over time with a single payment authorisation. You can collect payments on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. This automated payment facility saves your business significant time compared to Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

    Recurring payments are suitable to utility companies, charities, subscription based businesses, estate agents, landlords, fitness clubs or software companies.

    Novus Pay has access to several recurring payment solutions. We understand that smart business owners require customised recurring payment solutions.

    Simplifying payment processing

    Novus Pay are committed to acting as a trusted and honest advisor of payment services throughout our relationship with merchants. If we are not empowering our clients’ businesses by helping to create a fantastic payments ecosystem, we have failed in our mission. The excess time and money you will spend finding the right advice, services and providers that you need will be saved if you choose Novus Pay. With Novus Pay you are in good hands and we guarantee to save you money!


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